Coastal Cities

Coastal Cities

“Utterly brilliant”The Recommender

“Better make way for a new band crush”Nylon

“Do not sleep on this emerging UK indie band”Hypetrak

“Their big sound betrays an ambition which is often quite rare in young groups”Clash

In 2009, three teenagers from High-Wycombe in the UK, wound up in school detention. After discovering they had a mutual love for music they decided to form a ban. They quickly drafted in two other friends and took the name Coastal Cities. The name sounded nothing like the local bands they were keen to separate themselves and hinted at places a long way from their hometown; less stifling, more open places.

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With a sound fuelled by jagged post-punk guitars, 80’s tinged keyboard riffs and youthful vibes he band quickly built a local and on-line fan base which also comprised several BBC DJs, and fellow-musicians The Drums who tweeted about their first EP “Think Tank”. Last year saw them play the Kitsune night at Les Inrocks Festival in Paris and 1,2,3,4 in London, in the wake of success of their single “Relief / The Voyage”.

Now fresh out of college, and with a new single, Coastal Cities are bound to impress further as they take another step into the world armed with their own individual take on UK indie.

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