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Monday 10 March 2014


It only takes one play to be touched and moved by Talos‘ impressive debut track. Beautiful vocals wrapped in buzzing synths and slick percussions: the song’s build up is simply sublime, and the finish is as mesmerizing as it gets. Those who in the past few months have heard and loved music by Sohn, RY X or Chet Faker will inevitably fall for Talos. Apart from this track and his Irish origins we don’t know much about Eoin French, but that’s plenty enough for an obsession to start.


Thursday 27 February 2014


A few months ago we took a rewarding glimpse at Iceland’s emerging music scene and discovered Àsgeir, now making waves worldwide with the English version of his album, “In The Silence”. Also from Reykjavic but working in a completely different field are Highlands, an electronic indie pop duo made up of Logi Pedro Stefánsson and Karin Sveinsdóttir, who met during a high school song contest. “Hearts” is probably the most center-field track from the band’s great debut EP “n°1”. Featuring sharp, biting drum patterns, the song is mellowed-out by Karin Sveinsdóttir’s beautiful vocals. Mellow on the surface, her voice is then distorted and layered underneath itself thanks to the intricate, bitter-sweet production. The result is a tormented yet dream-poppy sound, consistent across an EP which has the potential to elevate the duo to the next level.

Highlands-Hearts from Narvi on Vimeo.


Thursday 6 February 2014


Opening with clicky percussions and a gentle guitar melody, Lists‘ debut track evolves into a beautiful confession of the most intimate kind carried out by the newcomer’s stunning vocals; right on point from start to finish. What some would call a lullaby actually demonstrates Lists’ wider scope. Subtle percussions, confident falsettos and mixed feelings of warmth and nostalgia, hauled by the track’s harmonies, all contribute to build a strange universe where summer-end longing and cheerful head-nodding can co-exist. Needless to say we’re really excited to hear what the Edinburgh native will come up with in the next few months.

Seinabo Sey

Saturday 18 January 2014


Our obsession for the young Seinabo Sey began 55 seconds into her debut track. Opening with a lingering organ and the 23 year-old’s incredible voice, “Younger” first appears as a beautiful piece of classic soul, until producer Magnus Lidehäll pulls out the songs’ main hook by looping and distorting the newcomer’s vocals.

A perfect balance emerges with Seinabo Sey’s passionate, soulful vocals on one side and the electronic-infused, captivating loops on the other. In many ways we feel like Jessie Ware’s stand-out track “110%” was made of same stuff –see where she is now.

X Priest X

Friday 20 December 2013


The countless end-of-the-year polls, including the BBC Sound of 2014 and its unofficial ‘Blog Sound of 2014’ counterpart, revealed a large domination of solo acts and vocalist-producer duos among the most hyped-up artists for 2014. We believe X Priest X could have easily fitted in one of these lists with a few more songs and shows under their belt. The trio’s first demos are made-up of dreamy electronica soothingly driven by Madeleine Priest’s vocals. Layers of bouncy 80s synths contribute to the track’s retro feel reminiscent of acts like Chromatics or Grimes.

X Priest X have yet to demonstrate their skill on stage but are currently putting their live show together, with hopefully a first official release to follow this year.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Wednesday 18 December 2013


Strangely enough, the ideal soundtrack to the last few days of Autumn came from Australia and the oddly-named Brisbane-based Vancouver Sleep Clinic. This name, however, perfectly encapsulate the newcomer’s ice-cold soundscapes and frozen melodies. Driven by eerie vocals and ice-cold beats, this second track goes beyond fulfilling the very high expectations set by Tim Bettinson’s debut-track “Vapour”.

Instantly sparking off memories of Bon Iver’s highly influential second album, the song’s sleek production and perfectly mastered build-up should also draw comparisons with RY X – another one of our favorites featured here in September. Things are already going extremely fast for the 17 year-old and his young age only increases our eagerness to hear more.

Bosco Delrey

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Bosco Delrey

We are keen to believe that, until his recent move to Paris, the young Bosco Delrey was hitting the road in Tennessee or Louisiana, shaking around the same croon and confident attitude that make his latest track so outstanding. This fantasied vision is partly true: On the one hand, the New-Jersey native spent his early-days touring with the likes of Sleigh Bells and CSS, whose heavy electronic influences seem miles away from ‘Egyptian Hole Up”s retro vibes.

On the other hand, Bosco did spend some time in Memphis after his signing on Mad Decent, and the rockabilly sound that emerged from Sun Studios in the 1950s makes up the core of this soulful new track. Reminiscent of Jacco Gardner‘s psych folk rock or Nick Waterhouse‘s rhythm n blues, Bosco’s swaggering reinterpretation of rock & roll’s deep roots somehow keeps nostalgia aside and the door wide open for unexpected developments on his upcoming new EP.

BOSCO DELREY – EGYPTIAN HOLED UP from Belleville Music on Vimeo.

Wolf Hut

Thursday 28 November 2013

wolf hut

Nostalgia is one of the first things that come to mind when watching Wolf Hut’s video for “Forest Floors”. Face paint, firecrackers and an actual tipi tent set the stage for this joyful explosion of electrified indie rock.

Despite the youthfulness of the track, this brand new act show serious ambition in this track, which carries an irresistibly energetic vibe subtly balanced by dubby synths and dreamy lyrics. Playful melodic riffs and scattered rattling percussion merely add to “Forest Floors'” already unusual yet quality production: tricks that only a few debut tracks manage to pull off.

Set to release its debut EP on 13th December, the American quintet was formed less than six months ago.

Beaty Heart

Thursday 3 October 2013

Beaty Heart

Revealed earlier this week without further information, this exciting psych pop track comes from intriguing new south-London outfit Beaty Heart. The song is built around a steady percussive beat, wittily embellished with playful choirs and exotic harmonies.

A constantly evolving surprise for the ear, “Lekka Freakout” should delight fans of Grizzly Bear and Animal collective with its tropical feel and effervescent hooks. Despite the song’s title and underlying craziness there is very little doubt that those who created it know exactly what they’re doing…

Kid Wise

Friday 27 September 2013

kid wise

Youth, its wanderings and its extravagances, have always been fertile ground for musical inspiration. The soundscape and imagery conveyed by Kid Wise’s newest song “Hope” perfectly portrays the thought-provoking journey of a group of kids who are surely too young to be described as “wise”.

Led by singer and pianist Augustin Charnet, Kid Wise are set to release a second EP “La Sagesse” featuring a string, reed and brass ensemble, at the end of this month. Picking up where Foals left off and displaying seeming kinship with fellow French acts Woodkid and Fauve, this young act shouldn’t need long to reach the rest of the world

Watch the cinematic video by Truman & Cooper below: