As Elephants Are – Press

“Absolutely magnificent” (Mary Anne Hobbs, XFM, UK)
“Great song, the more you hear that the more you love it” (Gary Crowley, BBC London 94.9, UK)
“How good is that?!” (Greg James, BBC Radio 1)
“Really good” (Hue Stephens, BBC Radio 1)

“An indie pop song whose ambitions are epic and whose scope is grand” (The Blue Walrus, UK)
“Epic debut” (Kick Kick Snare, UK)
“Completely flooding the ear with waves of oceanic guitars, soothing vocals, drums and lots of airy synths” (Popstache, US)
“Rather brilliant” (ShinyShiny News, UK)
“Can’t wait to hear more from these guys, as I feel they have something pretty special going on” (Handclap Movement, US)
“The indie hit is mystifying and an overall amazing musical experience” (The Gigity, US)
“Sleek pop in the vein of Two Door Cinema Club” (Song of the Day)(Les Inrocks, FR)
“”War Cry” is an atmospheric anthem that will get you through the toughest of days” (Jonk Music, US)
“addictive and enchanting” (Jonk Music, US)

‘Lucifer’ – Premiered on The 405 (09 January 2013)

“A life-affirming capacious sound that reaches heady-heights (…) that may make you want to grab the sky by it’s chin and surf on it for a bit” (The 405, UK)
“As Elephants Are have just stolen my heart! This music is what my dreams sound like!” (Beautiful Buzzz, US)
“Modern UK indie pop sound of dramatic percussion swells, delayed tremolo guitars and vocalist Ben Stratford Bombay Bicycle Club-esque croon” 8,2/10 (Blashblahblahscience, US)
“It’s got a great anthemic feel to it with urgency and amazing catchy hooks” (It’s All Indie, UK)
“Shockingly good” (Handclap Movement, US)
“I am loving this” (Handclap Movement, US)
“And much the same as ‘War Cry’, they pull it off well yet again” (Sounds of Now Music, UK)
“After a stellar first single, ‘War Cry’, As Elephants Are have released another knockout with the track, ‘Lucifer’” (The Peel, US)
“We just have to bow down and accept the magnificence of this track, As Elephants Are, thank you!” Track of the Week (It’s All Indie, UK)

‘Youth Blood’ – Premiered on This Is Fake DIY (11 February 2013)

“’Youth Blood’ is a sinister, fully-realised beast” (This is Fake DIY, UK)
“It appears to extract every inch of immediacy and expansiveness from, say, the latest Maccabees album and applies it to a wholly new, excitable sound that might just go on to soundtrack a hedonistic summer forthcoming.” (This is Fake DIY, UK)
“Exuberant indie rock” (Mad Makcerel, UK)
“We are loving it” 8.2 (Blahblahblahscience, US)
“Potential indie hit material” (Nothing But Hope and Passion, Germany)
“A wash with epic guitar structures and the rush of noise that is missing from so many bands these days” (It’s All Indie, UK)